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Lydia's Ladies

“Let me ask you a question…"

Are you happy with how confidently you think and speak about yourself as a woman of God?

Do you always feel close to God, strong and confident in the faith and walk with God?

Do you believe you can do great things like God promised you in Mark 9:23?


Or are you tolerating and constantly struggling with negative thoughts, lack of faith and confidence in God at times? 

Have you ever thought to yourself why do I always feel down, not confident and often question if God can use me?

Maybe you’ve asked yourself… “will I ever think of myself as God thinks of me like he says in Psalms 139? "

Do you finally want to say goodbye to a life of mediocrity, and discover a life where you can be like many of the women you have read about in the bible, social media, on TV and in your life?

If so, then this faith based affirmations audiobook is for you.

You see, achieving your goals doesn’t have to be complicated. It just takes a word, Gods word.

Even if you’ve been working hard on your dreams for years. Do not worry, help is at hand.

The truth is, it’s much simpler than you think.

You will listen to this amazing audiobook which has daily affirmations with scriptures to support you to help you be that beautiful, confident, wise and strong woman, daily just like how God designed you to be.

This will be the best thing you have read (aside from the bible of course) to live that confident Christian Woman lifestyle you have always imagined.

Click to read the sample.

I am sure you loved the sample and truly felt beautiful from within just by listening to it.

So if you want to be confident, strong and beautiful woman of God daily then click the link to get yourself a copy of this amazing faith based affirmations audiobook.

Topics Covered In This Book

So how to get the best out of this book:

I say each affirmation out, about three times, then I give you a chance to repeat after me. This is where the real change comes in by listening to this audiobook as often as you need to, to get your heart and mind to shift to be more in line with God's truth of how amazing you are.

Every affirmation has a scripture to back it up and I go through a range of topics from health, mindset, wealth, family and just being super awesome.

If you want to grow deeper and stronger in your relationship with God then , girl, click the link below and let's start affirming God's promise in your heart and ,mind like never before.

This investment into reaffirming your heart and mind will be £7...I know you can get a meal for that price. Now is the time to use your dinner money to feed your heart and mind the truth from God.

Now is the time to to feed your heart and mind the truth from God.

Recent Happy Clients

"I could honestly listen to you all day, really I could. You are my running buddy to remind me I can do it, I am beautiful and I can shoo away all those negative thoughts. "


"You are that best friend in my ear that I need on a daily basis. You will never know how many dark spots your voice & postive faith based affirmations have pulled me out of some of my low moments."


Girl you are my friend, a sister, mother all wrapped up in one.

You drop so many well needed affirmations to help lift my mood,.

I love listening to your voice. I have it on repeat in the house . 

I got all my friends a copy and I cannot wait to get the next one in the series. "I am strong, I am beautiful & I am who God created me to be."


About Lydias Ladies

Hey Beautiful Lady, I am Leighanne

Acts 16: 14-15 "One of those listening was a woman from the city of Thyatira named Lydia, a dealer in purple cloth. She was a worshiper of God. The Lord opened her heart to respond to Paul’s message."

I love the help from Lydia's Ladies group because she was an astute business woman, purple cloth dealer, persuasive, but most of all she worshiped and loved God. I set up Lydias Ladies to help women to have a deeper rerlatiosnship with God through bible studies and handy tips & resources to bring you closer to God like never before.  

Do You Want To Study The Bible?

If you are anything like me, I knew my Noah's Ark, Jonah and the whale stories but I did not really understand Gods' heart , plan and what really was my purpose for my life. That was until studying out the bible with some amazing women who helped me be a Berean (if you don't know what this is then you really need to study the bible with em girl) to really look intently into the word daily and make it my strength, guide, hope and standard. 

If you want to do a personal bible study to understand Gods dream and purpose for you, then contact me on any of my details below.

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